For Your Ears: The Milky Way and Vintage Rolexes

If you ever find yourself driving in Southern California during the hours of, say, 7 AM to 7 AM, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the car and the only thing you can do to ease the dull pain of moving two feet every 30 minutes is to listen to your entire library of music or listen to potentially mind-numbing podcasts. This is something I do every single day on my way to work. An hour there, an hour back. It can get pretty dry. Prior to my weekday expeditions, I find myself looking for new podcasts to tickle my cerebral cortex or new musicians I can obsess over. It requires a decent amount of mundane research but don’t worry, I’m going to do all of that for you. Every Wednesday, I’m going to post about a couple of things I have been extremely excited about; a podcast, a band, a rapper. Whatever it is, I just want to share it with you guys because I know I love getting recommendations for stuff like this. So, without further ado, here are my favorites for this week!

j cole bas.gif

For the most part, I hate the automatic radio station Spotify puts together after you finish an album, however, this was the one time I was grateful I didn’t stop it. I had just finished listening to J. Cole’s new album, KOD, and the first song on the self-initiated radio station was a little number called Tribe by Bas, featuring (who else?) J. Cole. I was elated: the guitar opening up the song, setting up a beat that is sure to put a smile on your face, and the flow. of. Bas. and. J. Cole. (See here) It really makes me wonder why it took me a month to get to the whole album but I can tell you the delayed gratification was worth it. Bas came through and I cannot stress how much I love this album. This project progresses with such fluidity that it’s hard to believe you’ve reached the end. From the slow start of Icarus, to the wonderfully fun flows of Tribe and Boca Raton, to the introspective cuts like Barack Obama Special, and dancehall inspired tracks like Sanufa and Spaceships + Rockets, Bas has an incredible intuition and awareness for every song. Please. Stop reading this and go listen.

My Picks: Boca Raton with A$AP Ferg was by far one of the biggest surprises on the album and Ferg sounds right at home on this track; so. damn. good. On Purge, Bas flexes this ability to flow on a clean, smooth beat and was a quick favorite. I absolutely need to add Tribe just because.

Hodinkee Radio

Yes, you did pronounce that correctly. Founded by Ben Clymer, a former investment banker at UBS, this e-commerce site focuses on one thing and one thing only: watches. You read that right; watches. Believe it or not, Hodinkee got it’s start because Clymer, surprisingly, didn’t lose his job following the 2008 financial crisis, however, there was zero work to be done. People either lost all their money or they had no intention of handing it to the same people that destroyed the world economy. Still, Clymer had a nine-to-five (if you’re in investment banking, you know those hours don’t exist) with no work to do, so he turned to the Internet. Like at most companies, every site that was considered remotely fun was blocked, except for, you guessed it, websites about watches. This led him down a rabbit hole into the watch industry. One thing led to another, like getting flown to St. Tropez on Patek Philippe’s dime to ride on the world’s fastest yacht and hand selecting a watch for Jay-Z’s Carnegie Hall show, and Hodinkee was born. Since then, they have been the leading source for all things luxury watches and started the Hodinkee Radio podcast. I stumbled upon this show through my recent obsession with watches and I must say, I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. They have guests that range from premier watchmakers in Switzerland to famous actors to startup gurus to professional golfers. Each episode inevitably includes conversations about watches, but what drew me in and sold me on the show was that each guest had a unique outlook on life that was somehow represented in their passion for collecting watches. I was able to learn more about watch industry and community while listening to intelligent guests speak candidly about how they got to where they are today. It really feels like you’re right there in the room. If you have some time (you can delete me from your life now), I would wholeheartedly recommend you give it a listen.

My Picks: There are three episodes I’ve thoroughly enjoyed: Ben Clymer, Todd Snyder, and Jason Fried.

Oh, Great. Another Blogger?


I know what you’re thinking. Another self-absorbed, unqualified egomaniac starting a blog about something I don’t care about. What is this, 2006? I bear with you to stick with me through this 163-page memoir (it’s really not that long) on why I’m starting this blogging thing.

So, a little bit about me. I’m Zechariah Lee, a 22-year old with a degree in economics who moved to Huntington Beach in search of the endless summer, but most importantly, financial stability. My whole life, up until this point, has been all about one thing: school. Now, obviously, that isn’t completely true. I picked up a few hobbies along the way. In my freshman year of high school, I picked up volleyball in a last-ditch attempt to get out of being graded for running a sub-ten-minute mile. God, high school sucks. Anyway, short story shorter, I fell in love with it and went on to play for a tiny, division III (it’s competitive, I promise) liberal arts college in upstate New York. Fast forward to my sophomore year of college and one of my best friends, Harry, asked me if I wanted to go out and take photos of the stars. After all, it was getting warmer out and it was a rare, not-a-single-cloud-in-the-sky kind of night. When we got all set up, he quickly taught me the basics of using a camera: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Game over.

If you’re reading this, chances are you know me for my photography. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel the world and meet some of the coolest people all because of one night learning to take long-exposure photos of the sky. Thank you, Harry. I miss you and love you. You changed my life. I started an Instagram account from scratch and challenged myself to see how far I could go with photography. I’d like to say I did a halfway decent job but the one problem (and I really wouldn’t call it that big of a problem) was that, besides my good friends, everyone only knew me for my camera.

I’m the kind of person that has interests in a myriad of things at the same time. This is usually beneficial but sometimes I can put too much on my plate. I’m also the type to get very passionate about the things I’m interested in only to burn out in a fiery display of frustration and pessimism, however, there have been a few interests that have kept me coming back for more: menswear, health and wellness, photography, and music. The other problem about this was I wanted to learn more about the things I was interested in but I couldn’t seem to find the right place to look (if you direct me to a place where I can read about all of my interests, I’ll quit blogging…just kidding, but really).

Take menswear for example. There are plenty of incredible bloggers out there that are way more qualified than I am but their lives are idealized and, often times, unrealistic. I get it, that’s the appeal, living vicariously through someone. But, seriously, I’ll put on a J. Crew sweater because I saw it on a menswear blog like GQ or Esquire (I’m not naming specific names because I admire and respect the menswear community too much to throw anyone under the bus) but, sometimes, it ends up looking like I just put on a garbage bag, and sometimes it looks fantastic and I feel like I can take over the world – that is, until I inevitably spill something on it. Not J. Crew’s fault. Not GQ or Esquire’s fault. That’s just life. Some things fit well, some things don’t. So that is the point of starting this blog: to share my normal passions with normal people in a relatively normal way. I’ll write out my thoughts and if you choose to read them, it’ll be like talking to a friend who is trying way too hard to be funny. It’ll be enjoyable, I promise.

Well, if you’ve made it this far, congratulations, you get a cookie. No, really, sign up here and send me something along the lines of, “Hey I read this stupid blog post now give me my stupid cookie”, along with your Venmo username and I will literally send you money for a cookie. I really hope this doesn’t go viral. Can the SEC shut me down for not delivering on this? Brownie points if you get the joke. We love Tesla. ANYWAY, this is my blog, with things I’m interested in, shared with all of you guys. What could possibly go wrong?